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Spouses Unchained

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Hallelujah! Finally, someone on high does more than give lip service to the notion of respect to military spouses -- thank you, Mr. President.

So, you ask, what's all the shoutin' about? Answer: It's the new reality of military spouses being able to choose their home of legal residence regardless of where Uncle Sam's orders causes the family to end up. Previously, only the spouse wearing the uniform had that luxury. And although I wouldn't trade my adventurous journey as the wife of a soldier, laws such as that one left us spouses feeling that we were considered to be second-class citizens. Every time my husband's orders caused us to relocate, I became a legal resident of the new state; requiring a new driver's license, which sometimes meamt a wretchedly unflattering photo if quality photographic equipment had not been sprung for (Things like that are important to some of us.)

Now if the states denying unemployment benefits to military spouses because the spouse "chose" to move for the purpose of preserving the family unit would wake up and get with the program... Yes, that did in fact happen to me. An unemployment benefits counselor told me that I didn't have to quit my job and accompany my husband, so I was ineligible for benefits. Now along comes someone with common sense and strikes down at least one of the nonsensical statutes that can leave one bewildered, in a state of disbelief, and perhaps frothing at the mouth (so unlady-like).

I don't always agree with President Obama, but he amazes me when he shows that he's paying atention to what some might consider a small thing.  Sometimes, it's these little things that can make such a big difference in a person's life.

And a big thank you to Representative John Carter (R) for introducing the House version of the bill. See, bi-partisanship can work!