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Yes, Sometimes, It Is About Race

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If the Creator is "no respecter of persons," meaning that one person's bodily waste stinks just as badly as the next person's, how can some of us still be so unevolved? How can supposedly intelligent people continue to judge a book by its cover so doggedly? I know that fear and ignorance leads to stupid beliefs and actions, but I also know that for many years, there has been such little excuse for ignorance and the subsequent fear it engenders. That leads me to the conclusion that enligtenment is waay down on the list of desires.

I cannot be the only person who has noticed the striking increase in the number of darker hued individuals in television commercials, print ads, and late night television since we now have a bi-racial President of the United States. The prime time TV shows haven't caught up yet, and I must ask for a few more minutes to try and figure that one out...

I'm sure that many of you have also concluded that the President's racial heritage has a bit to do with the incessant criticism and virtual lockout on the Hill. If the scores of young people and people who just want America to be at its very best were occupying the Houses of Congress, there would not be such a total gridlock. Yes, some of it is partisan; but there is also some racism in the mix. Yes, I said it. And I am not one to use such an accusation lightly, but sometimes you gotta just open your eyes and see what you see.

President Obama might be light-skinned and not speak with a "Negro dialect," but the fact remains that one of his parents was a Black African, and although we have come a long way in this country in the area of race relations, we aren't yet at the place where color doesn't sometimes color the issue (no pun intended). The playing field is much more level than it was when the law of the land was basically "White is right; Black get back," but there is still personal work to do. By that, I mean that individuals must get real with themselves about their biased thought processes, then work hard to change their erroneous and unfair mindsets. If we are honest, we all have work to do, so let's get to it.

I'm speaking to the broader world, as well. We all live on the planet and we are all inter-connected. Therefore, remember that what hurts one hurts us all. We are all each other's brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers...we are one; let's learn to act like it. We are spiritual beings who are refusing to allow the light of our spirits to illuminate our paths. That's why we are heading toward "hell in a handbasket." I'm ready to get out of the handbasket, how about you?