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Must Everything Be Politicized?

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There are those who believe that the "sons of Ham" are fated for misfortune...but how in hades can the recent and horrendous earthquake in Haiti or anyplace else be President Obama's fault? Did I hear correctly that Rush Limbaugh has managed to so twist his mind (?) into a blame Obama somersault subsequent to a natural disaster?!

I've been traveling the planet for a while now, so I should be close to being beyond surprise, but some humanoid life forms can still make me say, "Huh; what?!" Granted, the President of America is widely regarded as the most powerful person on this earth, but even the holder of that vaunted office can't control nature. Methinks the desire for ratings and the love of the ranted word is messing with some folk's heads (or are we back on the pills again?).

Speaking of ratings, let's talk about the "News" for a moment...a Fox news executive recently stated that he hopes the addition of Sarah Palin to their roster will bring the type of polarization that her views have garnered across the country.  Again, "What!?" And here I've been naive enough to believe that the world wants peace and harmony...obviously I can't include Fox News in that belief.  Actually, so-called news programs should more accurately be called talk shows, for there's certainly more opinion and creative storytelling than true news.

Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and others of their ilk notwithstanding, I refuse to give up on the inherent goodness of humanity. And if enough of us believe that good triumphs over evil and we act accordingly, we will be on the side of Light.