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Why the Term Minority

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Radical idea -- refer to people as people. (What?!)

Currently in America, the term minority refers to non-Caucasians; however, I don't ever recall hearing someone say that "Majorities are thus and so..."  What is the problem with referring to non-Caucasians as people of color if their race/ethnic group is of significance in a particular conversation.

What is the history behind referring to people as minorities, which actually means less than?  Of course, the subliminal message is one of inferiority, and that isn't good for anyone.  It can puff up the "non-minority" citizens and continually erode the self-esteem of the one designated as a minority.

What I wonder is, with the so-called browning of America, will Caucasians ever refer to themselves as minorities?  I kind of doubt it, but I'll be happily surprised if I'm proven wrong.  Of course, the perfect state would be one in which we are all just plain ol' people, rather than labels; because after all, if we strive with strong effort and intention toward treating all human beings with compassion, dignity and respect, the purported need for labeling will go the way of the Edsel.  Some of you are asking, "What's an Edsel?"  Exactly.