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Braving a New World

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I saw so much and enjoyed so much; met new and varied people; traveled and learned about places with surprising history.  Oh, how I dreaded leaving that world.  I was dragged kicking and screaming all the way!  To learn a new way of life held no particular joy for me, even though I am a person who enjoys new adventures.  I was in quite a paradoxical situation...

But go, I did.  The movers came and packed us out without having to contend with me barring the door; and we loaded up the truck with our little dog, Nico in his blue kennel and the remainder of our personal effects, and headed to the land of eternal rainbows.

I adjusted much faster than I had imagined, but that is attributed to the fact that we were still in close proximity to what I had known my entire life, and we were still included in activities, so I didn't have to endure too much change, thank Goodness.

I love reliving the memories I made during those years and I'm grateful that I was chosen to experience that life.

You're wondering what that most awesome life was, aren't you?  I was the spouse of a career soldier in the United States Army, and it was The Best.